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Saturday, November 6, 2010


I think every single person in this whole wide world have something that they addicted to.. please dont include drug addiction.. heheh..
As for myself.. my obsession : PARAMORE!.. i started to know paramore from a friend.. he gave me one of their song titled "Thats what you get" and i totally fell i love with them.. even my classmates who are close to me know how much i love them! i love them so fucking much! and 1 of my close classmate even called me Saramore *wutafak*.. haha sorry for the swearing though..
i am totally addict to their music! i mean TOTALLY!

Hayley Williams their vocalist... i love her too.. her voice.. her hair *omigod!*, her style.. i love it soo much! well she is not the kind of artist to show off their boobies just to gain some popularities.. *:P*

dont you just love her?

i dont really have an idea to write an entry rite now.. its just i want to write something to get out of this boredom.. *sigh*

"my entry go english again.. i have no doubt now that my english is getting rustier day by day.. omigod.. ignore the grammar error ok?"

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