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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Addicted to Bowling and Karaoke (again)

i used to get addicted to these 2 activities..  but when i pursue my studies in bintulu i kinda forget about these 2 activity. When i pursue my degree here in Serdang, with all these shopping mall around me.. i got addicted to these 2 activities again.. well i think this is kinda 'healthy' activity just it cost you money *hehe* ..
The sad thing is i cannot score my old bowling marks anymore.. it seems my skills has become rusty.. so many thing has become rusty including my english *haha whatever~*

btw tomorrow i have a bowling tournament: 'Pertandingan Bowling Tenpin Tertutup UPM' at South City Plaza
i hope the house ball there can fit my small fingers... because i left my bowling ball home.. if they cant fit i cant score *alasan je 2*
So, wish me luck eah guys! *wink3 :P *

"Omigod seriously my english is rusty there is no improvement at all... huwaa~ well wish me luck tomorrow ek?"

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