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Friday, October 28, 2011

Jamboree Vespa 1 Malaysia! ? *updated*

Assalamualaikum and hi peeps! :)

i guess everyone know what Vespa is.. one premium brand from Italy for scooter. So practically this event is set to gather all the Vespa riders! *ososome!*. This event was held from 21st October till 23rd October and organised by Persatuan Vespa Malaysia  (PVM) and sponsored by Naza Group of Companies. Why naza? because naza is the sole importer and distributor of Vespa here in our beloved county Malaysia!

Ok.. so i went there with miza, jijah and abang lamka to help our boss of the day Jinn Kapcai to look after his booth. but unfortunately *for me* i went there for one sole day only.. but it was too AWESOME!! i think if i have thousands of ringgit in my bank account probably i have bought one of the vespa sold there.There is a  loooottttt of vespa ranging from the old school classics to the modern one (from naza of course). But i still luurrvvvee the old skool one.

One of the fun part is, we met Noh hujan and his Vespa therE! He actually hang out for a while at our booth and we have a good laugh with him! *thanks Noh!*

Later that night, all the awesome vespa and their awesome owners are having a convoy around KL! and how awesome is that?! huh!

and now fest your eyes with the picture~ hehe

jijah, noh and miza *i dont have da pic with him.. i only took da pic okayy*

having fun with vespa! ?*and there i am hiding behind miza* :P

Jijah and noh *chuckle.. it remind me of jijah soo much*
wondering why the picture above remind me of jijah soo much? haha.. i think you gotta ask her yourself then. one very funny story.. jijah!

and i do promise you guys with more pic .. so here it is..! :)

vespa bebeh,, and a lot of them okayy!

noh..noh.. dan noh lagii

see! a-lot-of them!

boss and anak2 buahnye

we also sell kiddies fixie.. *kau ade?*

see all da smoke?

get ready to convoy around kl city centre! ouh yeahh!!
"sorry for the bad english! have a good day peeps! okbai!"


  1. reason why I don't go to these shows...
    I get scared to even hitchhike in a motorcycle let alone ride a vespa...

  2. hee.. tapi.. seronok gila tau.. macam happening je :) ,, bnyk bende2 vintage.. mmg hebat!

  3. haha.. i dont know u love vespa..
    y u no tell me?


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