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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Books.. books and more books the aftermath

Hi peeps!

After spending almost RM 100 at big bad wolf book sale located at MAEPS Serdang, there are still regrets about the books i left behind :P .. but.. *drumroll?* here come the aftermath! The events begins at 24-28 November 2011 at South City Plaza! :) Still so near UPM.. omigosh! Love you big bad Wolf! (and i still didn't update about all the books i bought at Big Bad Wolf Book sale *tehehehe*)

this pic says it all *i think*
so, for you guys that didn't have the chance to go to the sale.. this your chance! all is RM 5 or Less! :) *what a bargain!* So come on! what are you waiting for! start put a reminder on your phone calendar.. put and x at the dates or just RSVP at tha pehbuksla!

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