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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What The Fish!

Omigod.. its been awhile since i write in english.. it seems that may english is getting *berkarat a.k.a rusty*
Im not really good at it actually but i think my english sure is sucks right now..
*Need to start over eah?..*

My stomach hurt *ok full stop  its just an excuse i made*
I skipped class again today.. *Suit ur face sape suruh tido lewat lagi malam tadi?*
and the best part is i totallty forgot about Deutsch listening test this evening.. *damn!* .. dont think that i'll score this test lorw.. i dont even memorize all the number yet . *eins, zwei, drei, vier, funf, sechs, sieben,acht, neun.. then..err.. what is 10 in Deutsch?*

Im turning nocturnal again this few weeks which i want to avoid *sigh*
Because the result of turning nocturnal is late to class or not going to class at all *everyday my class started at 8 a.m wutafak*
Lucky that i have a neighbour a.k.a today birthday girl that is very commited to ensure i wake up every morning *Najwa trust me i love u even i love to bully u~*

Hurm.. it seems that im really out of idea to write today.. *sigh -AGAIN?-*
but i do wanna write something.. well now i think this post i kinda like a TRASH! *hahaha!*

Omigod i almost forgot this is the fasting month,,why i kept swearing here and there in this post? aiyark forgive me God and forgive me my friend

"Entri yang takde motif, dengan grammar hancur ngan ayat tunggang terbalik.. tapi i should to this often kan? kate nak improve english kan2?.. law da terrer pasni bwat entri dlm Deutsch pulak *gempak tuuu*"

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