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Friday, September 24, 2010

Physic make me sick

As an introduction' ..
i dont really like physic form the very begining, its kinda boring *to me la.. to physic lovers no offence kay?*

Well this semester a.k.a my 1st semester for my degree, physic is one of the compulsory subject *sigh*
btw the last time i have my physic class is at my matriculation college *which i didnt finish my matrix and move to diploma instead*

Why physic make me sick? *as stated on the title above*
during my 1st test i have a fever the night before my physic test 
next week is my second test and im having a fever RIGHT NOW! *damn!*
that is why i concluded that physic make me sick..  not that 'sick' as too boring till i wanna puke

"Another entry in english, well it seems that i dont have any improvement la.. sorry for the bad grammar.. its been a while since i write in english u noe.. *sigh*.. really want to improve my english so bad.. maybe i should write more entry in english perhaps?"


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