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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lynas Project at Kuantan..

Hye all :) ,

have you heard bout this lynas thingy? if you don't, it is the time start goggling for it coz this is major thing for us and our environment. Here some articles from News Straits Times:

"Lynas was granted a manufacturing licence in January 2008 to produce rare earth oxides and carbonates at the Gebeng Industrial Estate, Kuantan, after it complied with the conditions under the Atomic Energy Licensing Act as well as Environmental Quality Act 1974.-NST 23/4/2011"

I also didn't realize about this topic until my Ethics lecturer ask the class who is from Kuantan regarding to this issue. Yes, it does give our country some profit, maybe that's the only thing that our government is thinking about. But the main thing is the safety of the people and the environment! the fact that the authorities has not carried out proper Environmental Impact Assessment really is something that we should be worry about. and :

"The final insult is that the Radiological Impact Assessment (RIA) has indicated that the plant is designed to store only 10 years of waste.This means that Lynas may have already packed up and gone when their 12 years is up, leaving behind radioactive waste for the locals to deal with.-Malaysia Kini 

Even some says that the radioactivity level is low, but still R.A.D.I.O.A.C.T.I.V.E! 

Dr T Jayabalan, a public health consultant who treated cancer patients from the Bukit Merah rare-earth plant in the 1980s,said That no level of radiation was safe.
“The US Academy of Sciences BEIR VII Report states that no dose of radiation is safe however small, including background radiation. Exposure is cumulative and adds to an individuals risk of developing cancer,” said the doctor who is also a member of the coalition.

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Its all come back to our awareness.. so peeps.. start thinking for our future instead of just plain profit :)

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