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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

seriously i am out of idea to write in this crappy blog of mine,
its been 3 days that i have been in this house alone and only my cat, tv, internet and messages from my boyfie accompany me all these days..
urghh.. someone please give me an idea on what should i do..
and not forgetting cough and phlegm that 'accompany' me all these days too.. thanks-a-lot
thats all for today peeps.. nite!~

"sje gedik nak write in english.. haha my english needs more polishing i think~ rusty.. -.-""


  1. uhukk!! uhukkk!!! srroott...srooottt.. *batuk gaya kak sarah ahhahaha

  2. siksa taw uolss.. kahak banyak gile samapi sesak nafas.. T.T

  3. olooloooo.... eza ader clorox leh bersih kan kahak kak sarah nk hehehe


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