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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tension melampau?

haha ma first entry 4 february 2010!

dunno y..but since all this damn project has started...
i cannot cntrol my emotions anymore...
i tend to get angry easily..
i feel annoyed to everything that happen around me..

im getting more and more stress..
with these damn projects,
2nd test

n becoz of this damn project i dun evn hv time 4 myself n 4 ma social lfe..
WTF.. im gettin tired of this...
cnnot wait to get the hell outta this place..*sigh*

owh dear Allah please gve me the strength to face all this test of yours...
give me more patience to face ur test...
make me a more forgivable person..
make me forget all my grudge...

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