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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Final Exam Lah pul0k~

dunn0 y lar...
alwaiz lack 0f m0tivati0n when it came t0 exam...
usually i only stdy whn there is little tyme left.. sum0ne g0tta help me...
ma final exam week will be started 0n m0nday next week.. n i dun prepare a thing!!
duhh~ sumtimes i want t0 get 'anugerah dekan' but i nvr really w0rked 4 it... hehehe
sum0ne plez la give me a motivati0n 2 stdy~ s0b3
camner ni erk...
  • first paper will be Forest Protecti0n FHL2301
  • 2nd paper will be Environmental Impact Assessment FHU2210
  • 3rd will be Forest Harvesting FHK2403
  • and the last will be Forest Survey FHK2401
but 0n 7th november there will be MUET lor...
so i'll be going back h0me on 8th november...
still i maybe hv 2 g0 back here 4 'Sukan IPT Borneo'
life can be full of stress sumtimes rite? (though i d0nt l0ok stress at all... LOL)

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